Tuesday, January 19, 2010

10-12 Track Select

For those who are interested in recent Track Select trends, Vance had a Track Select night for class 10-12 tonight. Track select is when student pilots find out whether they will track to fighter/bomber (T-38), tanker/cargo (T-1), Helicopter (H-1), or Turbo Shaft (T-44). Tonight there were (out of a class of 28ish students) roughly 5 T-38s, 1 or 2 helicopters, about 3 T-44s, the rest being T-1s. T-38s are not unheard of anymore, so if you're interested in the fighter/bomber track, hope is still there. However, I will tell you that because there are so few fighters available, T-38s are now universably assignable, meaning you could still get a C-17 or KC-135, etc. out of T-38s. So it's not really the "fighter/bomber" track anymore-you can still track heavies or predators, etc. But at least you get the experience of flying the T-38, which could help if you apply for a Non-Standard Assignment like U-28s or AT-6s, or if you want to go to Test Pilot School. But anyways, that's the latest from the Air Force Track Selects.

My UPT class met together as a whole for the first time this morning. We just discussed class job options (I am assigned as the "class photographer") and also discussed having to go through the clinic on Thursday for our flight physicals and other check-ups. I think I should also be getting the H1N1 shot on Thursday, so I will be especially looking forward to that (insert sarcastic smile here). Today I purchased a close to life size print-out of the T-6 cockpit so I can "chairfly" my maneuvers in my apartment. Chair-flying is a mental practice students have to go through before each of their flights so they are prepared when they actually step into the real jet. Having a poster of the cockpit with all the switches and gauges in the right positions kind of helps the learning process. Monday we get all our pubs issued (all of our "textbooks" for how to fly in the Air Force and also specifically how to fly the T-6, etc.). I'll be sure to get pictures of the mountain of paperwork I get on Monday and pass that along to y'all!! And last but not least, I now have purchased my very own coffee pot, so when I have to wake up at 4 in the morning when I start flying, I will have a fresh cup of jo ready for me :-)...ahhh, gotta love the Air Force! I think you get promoted faster the more cups of coffee you drink a day....not sure, but I'll get back to you on that!....

Seeing all the students track select tonight made me think of my track select night which should be at the end of July. My hope is that I would have no regrets about my efforts when flying the T-6 and that I can just hand it over to God when it's over. He's in control of my life and in control of my future. My hope is that I will be able to accept whatever His will is and be content in all circumstances. I have a lot of hopes and dreams for the future, but I need to give those over to Him. That's what I will have to work on these next 6 months....


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