Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 4

Tuesday morning was spent in the CAI lab again finishing up the Systems II block. This was the final block of training for all the systems on board the T6. Tuesday afternoon was another cockpit familiarization sim where an instructor quized us and showed us some of the systems in the cockpit that we just learned about on the computers. Wednesday's big event was our Systems II exam. I passed it with a 100%, 85% is the minimum. I was relieved to now know what it takes to ace an exam, so hopefully I can use that knowledge of the amount of effort required to get 100% on the other tests. I spent 2 days of the 3 day weekend to study for it, which sounds about right. 2/3rds of my weekend should be spent studying, 1/3rd spent going to church, taking time off, etc. So now I know what it takes to ace a test...we'll see if I can do it again. I always shoot for a 100, just in case I fall short I will at least pass.

Thursday morning I got up early with a friend to go over some pre-flight procedures inside the cockpit as well as some of the phraseology we have to use when flying. In the T-6, the IP in the back seat can't see what the student in the front is doing, so we have to verbalize our actions in a very specific way using a script they give us to memorize. If you don't have the script memorized, your IP will probably throw his checklist at you and you'll get an earfull from him about it until you finally DO memorize it. At least...that's what I think they'll do.... Regardless, I'd prefer to have it down now while I still have time to study it. The rest of the day Thursday was spent in the CAI lab learning Aero, which supposedly is my specialty. I've forgotten a lot of what we learned at the Academy, but the stuff they're teaching us here is REALLY watered-down. The danger is that I'll become complacent in my reading and think I know it when I may not know THEIR definition of some of the concepts. Anyways, I will still try to study hard for Aero even though I majored in it - I've heard horror stories of Aero majors failing this test. We have it Monday afternoon - we'll see how it goes...

Friday morning, I got up early to get my g-suit and harness fit, then spent time in the CAI lab learning more Aero. Later in the morning, our class went to 10-05's graduation ceremony in the base auditorium. A year from now we'll be in their spots getting our wings pinned on.... I can believe it, but that's only because I know we have a lot to learn before we get there. It's only a year away...that's not long. Four years locked up at the Zoo was year is nothing, haha!! The rest of the afternoon was spent in the classroom finishing up our block on Aero. We have a review tomorrow morning and then a test in the afternoon.

Overall I've really enjoyed Phase 1. For some reason I enjoy reading about the airplane and learning about all the systems and procedures. This is something I've wanted to do my whole life - it's been a dream of mine since I was in Kindergarden. It's a gift God has given me to allow me to be here, and I'm really thankful.

James 1:2-4

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