Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 5

Monday morning we finished our block of Aeronautics with a couple review lessons, then tested in the afternoon. I got a 100% on this test - relieved I didn't over-think any of the questions (it's easy to overthink and read into some of these questions especially if you have some background in that particular subject).

Tuesday we had our first real simulator "sortie" in the T-6 UTDs. We went over the checklists for the interior pre-flight inspection items and also went through some of the inter-cockpit call-outs you have to memorize and state during key moments in the checklist. That way the IP in the back seat can understand what you're doing in the front seat without having to see you. Overall the sim went very well, and I feel like my callouts are about where they need to be. My checklist procedures are going well and are almost to the point where I only need to reference the checklist a few times. We took a couple CAI lessons in the afternoon, and repeated the whole process again on Wednesday with the same type of simulator ride and another set of CAI lessons.

Thursday was spent in the CAI lab and classroom going over a few emergency procedures and learning about the pre-flight inspection walk-around we're supposed to do before every flight. We went out to a T-6 on the flightline and an instructor pointed out all the important features on the plane we're supposed to inspect prior to strapping in. I think with a little practice this too will be fairly easy. I'd like to get back to the flightline sometime this week and practice going through the steps on my own and see how fast I can get it done. You don't want to be on the flightline too long during pre-flight inspection - it's important to minimize time outside the aircraft so you don't miss your takeoff time setting up all your instruments and systems once you get INSIDE the airplane. After Thursday, we had almost covered every possible emergency procedure we will face in the was clear we will have a lot to study for our Stand-up EPs once we hit the flightline (more on those later...).

Friday we took a tour of the Fire Department on base where we found the biggest Lazy-Boy chairs on I know what I want for my future house! The rest of the day was spent reviewing for our Flying Fundamentals exam on Monday afternoon and going over a few more in-flight emergencies in the CAI lab.

Last week didn't prove to be too busy, but I'm a little worried about the start of this week. We have 3 sims back to back Monday through Wednesday, and an Academic test both Monday and Friday. It won't compare anything to the schedule we'll have once we're on the flightline, so we need to do well this week if we expect to survive the next few months. I'll be flying in a slightly more advanced simulator this week, so I'm sure there'll be some fun invovled, but plenty of more studying to do tonight! Thanks for the prayers--we'll catcha next week...

Mark 9:45-49

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